Distributor in Europe for Polyimides from RBI

At High3P we provide a large choice of Polyimide products in different forms for a variety of markets and applications. When it comes to challenging projects, our 50-plus years’ experience in High Performance Polymers and their markets make us a strong partner. We bring to your project deep technical support at all levels, including assistance with material selection up to compound/formulation development, design (for machined parts) and cost optimization. For most products we can ensure short lead times; MTO grades usually require 3-5 weeks.


  • Many of the highest performances of all thermoset and thermoplastic polymers
  • Stands out with its high and low temperature characteristics, resistance to chemicals and fire, dielectric strength, friction and wear properties, adhesion to many substrates and many more
  • Demands specific experience and capabilities
  • Thermal treatment to achieve the highest possible performance
  • Most widely used technologies: casting and coating (liquid solutions), compression molding, direct forming (semi-finished and 3D parts), machining from stock shapes
  • Reference material in Semicon: film layer, dielectric coating, stress buffer, insulation films, chip bonding; clamp rings, CMP rings, test sockets, probe heads
  • Coating and / or cladding of high performance Optical Fibers
  • Electrics and Electronics: Cu foil films, cast films, wire enamel
  • Li-Ion batteries: binder for electrodes
  • Protective Coating of metal, ceramic and glass surface; tubing
  • Highest performance friction & wear and structural parts in Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial: bearings, sealings, plasma torches, …
  • High temperature gas separation Membranes

We offer VTEC™ Polyimide in various Product Forms.

Liquid solution

  • Very advanced chemistry with extremely fast release of the carrier solvent, drying and imidization (compared to competitive products)
  • Self-leveling, smooth and pin-hole free drying
    à faster processing, high productivity and quality coating, and film casting
  • Readily accepts and evenly disperses filler additives                                               à to gain ESD, increased wear resistance or strength
  • Optically clear, extra low moisture absorption, high flexibility, non-crystallizing amorphous, and new custom base polymers available
  • Onset of degregation >450 °C
  • Long shelf life; -20 °C freezer storage suggested
VTEC Grade Solids content (%) Viscosity (Pa.s) Comment
General purpose Electronics grade, high productivity, ESD types, optical fibers
Very clear, high temperature, e.g., for gas separation membranes, optical fibers
PI-851 / 855
15 / 18-20
5 / ~10
Amorphous, very elastic, high electrical insulation, adhesive and film grades
High weather (UV) and wear resistance
Wire coating, high productivity, no refrigeration required, different grades
PI-203, PI-201
Wire coating for steel jacketed cables, high productivity

Stock shapes

  • Semi-finished solids for machining: many different sizes, e.g.,
    • Rods and tubes up to 200+ mm length and 130+ mm diameter
    • Plates 75×75, 150×150, 200×200, 300×300 mm2, thickness up to 50 mm (and more)
    • Bearings, seal rings, clamp ring blanks …; many sizes from stock tooling
    • Cost-efficient custom size machining blanks from low cost tooling
  • Direct-formed net and near net shapes
  • Custom compounds with glass, graphite, carbon, PTFE, MoS2, minerals, …
  • Short lead times of 2-3 weeks (unless on stock)
  • VTEC EG1 – no filler or additive
  • VTEC EG21 – 15% graphite
  • VTEC GF – 10-50% glass fiber
  • Custom grades

Powder and flake resin

  • As additive or matrix for custom, highly loaded compounds (80+%)
  • Fillers and enhancers include glass, graphite, carbon, PTFE, MoS2, minerals, …
  • Melts at as low as 120 °C, thermal treatment required
  • Imidizes into a full thermoset, will not remelt
  • Particle size ~40 µm, viscosity 200-300 mPs at 150 °C
  • Coating: fluidized bed powder coatings, thermal spray
  • Filler: epoxies and other
  • Binder: Li-Ion battery electrodes and other
  • Resin: compression molding and direct-forming
  • VTEC PI-1031
  • VTEC GF63

VTEC™ Polyimide

VTEC™ Polyimide is produced by R. Blaine Industries, Inc., Reading, PA, USA. The company has been established in 1994, merging with polyimide technology dating to the 1980s. It provides proprietary technologies for the most advanced Polyimide types and is specializing in client application custom materials. R. Blaine has a strong innovation record, including development projects with NASA as well as USA national laboratories, universities and other institutions. VTEC™ is the world‘s only Polyimide for medical implants (liquids and solids).